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Vedic Meditation

At The Soft Road, Neil and Melanie are master teachers of Vedic meditation, a simple, twice-daily, eyes closed technique.

In their pursuits, they’d tried different forms of meditation, yet nothing took hold until they learned this technique.

What made the difference?

  • It’s easy, effortless, and enjoyable.
  • No special conditions or lifestyle changes are required.
  • Learning how to meditate directly from a master teacher, in person.
  • This technique is always learned through personal instruction, in a course consisting of a session a day, on four consecutive days.
  • Benefits come quickly and keep on coming.

From the first meditation, accumulated stress, tension and fatigue begin to dissolve and a sense of rejuvenation is felt throughout the mind and body.

With regular practice of Vedic meditation, almost everyone reports increased resilience, better handling of stressful situations, reduced anxiety and the ability to let stuff go and move on.

Hear Melanie speak about how to establish a daily meditation practice


Vedic meditation is a highly effective method to systematically unwind stress and raise an individual’s state of consciousness – and with it their capacities and capabilities – often experienced as clearer decision making, faster problem solving, and enhanced creativity.

The Soft Road program teaches the practice of Vedic meditation as a deep foundation for change and personal growth.

Many who practice this meditation come to The Soft Road for coaching, and participate in retreats and master classes, to learn how to optimise the benefits of their meditation practice in daily life.


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